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About US

About Bada Business

Bada Business is an initiative by world class global leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs & investors. Bada Business offers extensive knowledge & entrepreneurship programs for SME’s, Startups, MSME’s of India and other countries across the world in their language to break the clutter and help them at every level in order to do Big Business (Bada Business).

Our Approach to Entrepreneurship Training Programs is Centered Around Helping You Learn & Grow With Your Users

Bada Business is the one stop destination to all your problems from HR,Technology, Sales, Marketing, Investment to Mentorship etc. Bada Business provides an opportunity to learn from the best entrepreneurs, innovators, billionaires from the United States(Silicon Valley, California), India, Australia and many other countries. Bada Business is helping you to access the huge network of mentors and investors who will give you one to one session, analyse your business and solve your problems.

We are providing the world’s most affordable training programs for small businesses, entrepreneurs in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in India and other parts of the world. Courses and sessions in all regional languages eliminates the language barrier between entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

Our Awesome Team

Ferdinand Mehlinger

Ferdinand Mehlinger

Founder & CEO at Bluoo Digital,

1TO1 Social, SAAS Capital, Washington, US. Ferdinand is an ex Google Employee and part of the core team in early days of Google and also a hollywood star where he acted in renowned shows like FRIENDS and many others. He is an investor and mentor to many companies.

Ibrahim Sesay

Ibrahim Sesay

Founder & CEO of Right Target Marketing

California, US. Ibrahim is an investor and mentor to many startups and also owned many businesses in the US and South Africa & other parts of the world.

Manish Kaushik

Manish Kaushik

Co-Founder & COO at Quicqo

The first b2b2c service marketplace of India that is making services affordable & accessible to millions. With 10,000+ service experts, Quicqo is one of the fastest growing startups in India..

Matti Eduar

Matti Eduar

CEO at Matts Global Pvt Ltd

Adelaide, Australia. He owned one of the largest import/export & e-commerce companies in Australia and an investor, mentor to many businesses.

Our Values

We believe in sharing these strategic values with our entrepreneurs.

Bada Business is aimed at helping small businesses and entrepreneurs with world’s most affordable entrepreneurship training programs.
Bada Business is at mission to make these courses/training accessible to all entrepreneurs irrespective of their location and language.
Bada Business has vision of making the guidance/mentorship training programs available for all businesses digitally and physically.

What We Do Best

Business Planning

Audience Analytics

Go to Market Strategy

Information Technology


Finance & Legal

Human Resource

Mentorship & Funding

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